Reasons Why Outlook Automatically Deleting Emails & Its Solutions

Reasons Why Outlook Automatically Deleting Emails & Its Solutions

There can be many reasons for Outlook 2016 deleting emails automatically from inbox problem as Outlook has many features that allow automatic deletion of emails. So, this article will discuss each scenario one by one to understand the causes of the problem & try to explain Outlook automatically deleting emails.

1. Message Rules in Outlook

Sometimes, users may have created certain rules due to which emails going directly to deleted items in Outlook 2016. In this case, a rule can also be applied to the email which was not intended to be the target originally. This will lead to the automatic deletion of emails in Outlook 2016.

Solution: For resolving this problem, it is suggested that you should check the Delete or Move to Deleted Items folder rules or to temporarily disable them to check whether it solves the problem or not.

2. “Ignore Conversation” Feature

The Ignore conversation feature was added in Outlook 2010 & has been a part of the later versions since then. This option helps to stop the receipt of emails from any certain conversation which you are a recipient of.

Solution: If you want to prevent Outlook from automatically deleting emails then, click on that message in the Deleted Items Folder & press the Ignore button. Then, auto-deleted emails will be transferred back into Inbox folder immediately.

3. “Move Conversation” Feature

Move Conversation feature is similar to the Ignore Conversation feature. It moves the emails to a specified folder in spite of moving them into deleted Items folders without deleting them but it would cause the same impact.

Solution: To undo the effect of this feature, right-click on any message from the conversation & select the “Disable Always Move Conversation” option.

4. Antivirus scanner integration

Sometimes antivirus may also be the root of the Outlook automatically moving emails from inbox to deleted items folder problem. Every antivirus software consists of an on-access scanner which continuously runs in the background and scans the possible threats. Also, most antivirus programs are present as integration within Outlook in the form of Add-ins. The antivirus integration with Outlook can lead to emails being falsely reported as being malicious. Then, emails going directly to deleted items in Outlook and transferred to the Deleted Items Folder.

Solution: To disable the scanning of incoming emails, turn off the integrated virus scanner, either from within the Outlook program or from the Antivirus software itself. Doing this will stop Outlook from auto-deleting emails in inbox.

5. Synchronized Devices

There is a high chance that a person uses Outlook application on devices such as smartphones, tablets apart from just desktops and laptops. A reason why emails are getting deleted automatically in Outlook 2016 is that they may be deleted on other devices synced with Outlook mailbox.

Solution: This has to do with POP3 & IMAP protocols that regulate the sending and receiving of emails. If you are using IMAP on some devices and POP3 on other devices then make sure that you have enabled the option under POP3 to “leave a copy on the server”.

Summing Up

In this write-up, we have discussed why Outlook automatically deleting emails that make easy for users to understand the reasons for this issue. Along with reasons, their solutions are also discussed to resolve emails being deleted automatically in outlook 2016/2013/ 2010 issue.

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