Approving SSL Certificate

You will need to finish validation to complete the SSL certificate Issuance/renewal.

For email validation, the approval link will be sent to the approval email address that you selected for validation when you ordered the SSL certificate.

Approval email subject is ÔÇťOrder ID CEDXXXXXX AlphaSSL - Approve SSL Application". Please approve the issuance/renewal by the instruction in the email.

If you forgot your approval email address, you can find it in your cloud console under SSL Certificates section then click on Download Certificate or you can submit a ticket to us.

New SSL certificate will be issued within 1 day after you finished the validation. Please refer to this knowledgebase to download your active/completed SSL and install it on your server.

If you use auto generated CSR function during the order, you can find your private key at cloud console > SSL Certificates > Certificate Details > Show Private Key

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